filmmaking resources

Filmmaking Resources

A collection of filmmaking resources I’ve curated over the course of my career in television and film.

Video Production & Editing Tutorials

  • Lynda. My absolute favorite place to learn technical skills online. Lynda has thousands of courses on shooting video, editing video, audio production, color correction, visual effects, animation, etc. Any technical skill you want to learn about filmmaking, you can learn from a Lynda course. The best part? They offer unlimited access to their courses for a low monthly price, including all of their business and marketing courses.
  • CreativeLive. This is another great place to learn technical skills. CreativeLive is focused heavily on photography, but they offer great courses on business, including courses designed specifically for freelancers. They also offer free courses on a regular basis.
  • MasterClass. This is one of the most interesting platforms for online courses on the web. MasterClass partners with, well, masters of their respective crafts to offer comprehensive and personal courses on specific topics. My two favorites: Filmmaking with Werner Herzog and Screenwriting with Aaron Sorkin. At a relatively low price you get hours of course content from these people, making it an incredible value. I’m always looking forward to their next class.

Video Editing Software

  • Adobe Premiere. I’ve used just about every editing software available today and my personal favorite is Adobe Premiere. I grew up using Photoshop and Illustrator, so the familiar Adobe interface is easy for me to work with. Premiere works fluidly with all of the other Adobe programs and filetypes. The best part is that it’s offered as part of the Adobe Creative Cloud, which means that I always have access to the latest version at a low monthly price.

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