Software Program Recommendations for an Up-And-Coming Producer

Q&A: Any Software Program Recommendations for an Up-And-Coming Producer?

This question comes in from Josh.

Any Software Program Recommendations for an Up-And-Coming Producer?

Before I give specific recommendations I want to address you and your generation of media producer.

When I was in high school the video production climate was completely different than what you are experiencing today. My generation didn’t have cameras built into our phones, we didn’t have cheap video editing software to cut videos together, and we didn’t have platforms like Facebook and YouTube to share our videos with the world. It was difficult for me to get my hands on this kind of equipment (HD cameras had JUST made it to market!), so it took a lot of extra effort to gain the knowledge and experience that made me successful.

Nowadays, every teenager has access to video and can share it freely. In some ways, it’s easier for you to get the knowledge and experience because the tools are at your disposal. In other ways, it’s harder for you to differentiate yourself from your peers because everyone is making videos.

So how do you differentiate yourself? You put in the extra effort to learn how to make better, higher quality videos than your peers.

If I was going to recommend anything to up-and-coming producers it would be this: spend as much time as you possibly can making videos. Learn everything you can about video and sound production so your videos look and feel 10x better than the stuff your peers are creating. Volunteer your time to anyone and everyone who needs a video produced for their business or organization.

Start shooting things on your iPhone with cheap software like FiLMiC Pro (because feature films like Tangerine are proving that films can, in fact, be shot on the iPhone). If you want to up the sound quality, buy a cheap lavalier or shotgun mic off the internet and plug them into your iPhone or sound recorder. If you want to up the lighting quality, get creative with lamps or LED lights. If you want to up the editing quality, pay for Adobe Premiere (VERY cheap on the Adobe Creative Cloud if you just pay for months that you need it).

But, most importantly, just keep making stuff. Don’t ever let a lack of equipment or software hold you back. If you want to be a producer, you have to always be producing. If you want to be a writer, you have to always be writing. If you want to be an editor, you have to always be editing… So on and so forth.

Because there are so many great tools at your disposal, your future really is in your hands, so get out there and start producing!

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