Favorite Promotional Techniques

Q&A: What Are Your Favorite Promotional Techniques?

This question comes in from Ryne via e-mail.

What Are Your Favorite Promotional Techniques?

Great question, Ryne, and one that I tend to reevaluate often.

Personally, I think our film and television shows have the greatest reach when they are targeting a specific community. This is in line with the evolution of the internet, which is becoming increasingly niche. Consumers are being fed content according to their interests, so it’s important that content is created with specific interests in mind.

That said, my favorite promotional technique is to try to create content that serves a community, and then connect that community with my content.

For example, if you have a film (fiction or nonfiction) that addresses a social issue, you can begin reaching out to communities built around that social issue in pre-production for research purposes (interview influencers for information), and then build your relationships with the community through production and post-production until you are ready to show the film to said community.

Another technique employed by the film and television industry often is to create business partnerships with influencers. In scripted film and television, “marquee” actors/actresses are sought after because of their following (and hopefully their skill). In unscripted film and television, subjects of the programs are chosen by their social influence/platform, creating a built-in audience for the program.

There are seemingly countless other ways to promote a project… You could try contests/giveaways (using a service like upviral.com), guest appearances on blogs and podcasts, paid advertising… But I believe that, at the core of a promotional strategy, a content creator should be trying to connect with and serve a community. There’s no better way to get free promotion than to provide massive value and ensure that your content is shared widely!

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