What Got You into Producing TV Shows

Q&A: What Got You into Producing TV Shows?

This question comes in from anonymous.

What Got You into Producing TV Shows?

When I was in high school I took a graphic arts class that was taught by a guy who used to work at the local FOX television station. He had a bunch of video production gear around the classroom and offered to teach me how to use it after class each day.

I had always been interested in the arts as a kid, so I volunteered some time to learn video production and I fell in love with it. It was super challenging to me because it combined a ton of multimedia like photography, graphic design, sound design, and music. It was something I thought I would be difficult to master, and would pose a ton of challenges along the way.

Before long, I was doing video production work (for free) for local businesses and organizations, and eventually that turned into paid jobs.

I went off to college to study television production, continued volunteering my time and doing paid jobs occasionally. All the while I kept learning new and exciting things about video production.

When I graduated college, I made the decision to leave my network behind and move to Los Angeles to try to take my career in production even further. It took a year at a temporary job and over 1,000 job applications, but eventually I got my first job as a production assistant (which was a huge step down from what I had been doing in production) but I was happy for the opportunity).

After a couple years as a production assistant, I learned enough to impress some producers and eventually started getting opportunities working more closely with them. Now I’m a television producer!

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