What Is Your Proudest Accomplishment

Q&A: What Is Your Proudest Accomplishment?

This question comes in from Elizabeth.

What Is Your Proudest Accomplishment?

It may sound silly, especially after you read the list of shows I’ve worked on, but my proudest accomplishment is graduating from college. Neither of my parents went to college — my father didn’t even graduate from high school — and I definitely did not grow up wealthy.

College was never a guaranteed thing for me, but my parents and extended family always encouraged me to go, so I worked hard in middle school and high school and eventually made it to college.

When I got there, since I knew I was lucky to be there, I ended up working harder than most of my peers. I figured I didn’t have a moment to waste, so I took full advantage of everything college had to offer. This mentality, I believe, is what set me up for the successes I’ve had today.

I’m very proud of all of the shows I’ve worked on, but I’m also very grateful to be able to do this. Getting through college was very important to me.

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